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High Quality Glass Products
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Mike's Glass Services

Mike's Glass takes pride in the wide selection of glass and "Made in Michigan" products offered including GlasSource, Weather King Doors, Trapp PolarSeal, C.R. LAURANCE COMPANY, BASCO, Northpoint, Pilkington Auto Glass, PGW Auto Glass, and Tubelite.

Showers & Shower Doors

The search for frameless bathroom shower doors will provide one with myriad of beautiful products to select from. Originating in Europe, frameless bathroom shower doors are both attractive and safe. They also make it much easier to keep a bathroom spotless - their design lends them to be an easily maintained item.

Enclosures are available in 3/8" or 1/2" tempered glass. Not long ago clear glass was the only option and is still the most popular choice, but today you have many obscure glass options to choose from. Hardware is available in a variety of beautiful finishes to enhance the decor of the surrounding environs. There are bright mirror-like finishes that sparkle, antique and high-tech finishes, brushed finished for 'soft' decors, and painted finishes such as black, white and red.

Deck Railings & Stairway Rails

Interior glass railings are a design system that seems to be catching on not only in office buildings but in homes too. They can improve you view, are easy to clean maintain and are stylish. Exterior railings are becoming an increasingly popular way of accessorizing the home's deck or patio area. Conventionally, railing choices were limited to using hardwoods like redwood and cedar.  Now, glass railings with an aluminum-based frame are commanding the deck railing marketplace. Before you choose a glass railing system for your home, you should know about its various features.

Unlike hardwoods, glass railings don't need repeated painting or finishing for enhancing their durability. This is a vital consideration since decks/patios are continuously exposed to external weather conditions. Glass railings use large panels of glass fixed in a metallic frame. Neither glass nor the treated metal is better suited to tolerate temperature extremes. As a result, unlike hardwood railings, glass railings are not vulnerable to surface cracking. Most glass-based, deck railings are made from tempered glass panels. This is a specially manufactured type of glass, offering amazing durability. This makes glass railings as sturdy and safe as wood or purely metal-based railings. The use of transparent glass ensures that visibility through them is maintained. Blocking of the external view is a major issue with metal or wood railings. 

Auto Glass & Windshield Repair

Mike's Glass works with ALL insurance companies to make your auto glass repair is easy and hassle free. ​Call Mike's Glass for expert auto glass repair and replacement along with assistance in setting up your insurance claim. We offer mobile service repair and replacement of your vehicles windshield, back glass, side windows and mirrors. We specialize in Police Cars, Cranes, Bulldozers, Loaders, Firetrucks, RV's, Farm Equipment, Boats, and Classic Cars.

Marina and Heavy Equipment: We fix cracked, broken or missing glass. Mike's Glass installs glass for your local dealer, or fabricate glass - clear, bronze, gray or green glass, even Lexan.

We also offer dock-side service, leaky window seal-up, we replace portholes and hatches, and we repair or replace scratched foggy or broken windshields repaired or replaced.

Storm Windows & Doors

Storm windows give you an easy to clean, low maintenance, energy savings solution for your windows. They provide the quality feature you require. All inserts have pile weatherstrip for a better weather seal and spring loaded nylon slide bolts for positive ventilating positions. Nylon pads on sides of inserts eliminate all metal contact and insure smooth, quite operation.

Mike's Glass continues to sell the highest quality storm door lines in a thin line frame for an open and light look. Using extruded aluminum and special reinforcing, your new storm doors will provide years of service and good looks. Many different styles, sizes, and metal colors available.

Mike's Glass also repairs doors and storm doors.

Specialty Glass

Bent Glass: With the affordability of our bent glass, railing panels need not to be confined by straight layouts and right angles. Curved glass merges utility and aesthetics to form transparent barriers that encourage the interactio of spaces. Typical bent products used in railing panels include single glazed pieces of safety tempered or safety and luminous sold edges. Tempered glass offers four times the strength and luminous solid edges, but with fewer shape possibilities than laminated glass of annealed glass. Ideas include bent glass with low-iron content for ultra-clarity, arris flat polished edges, and holes or notches for attachments. 

Glass Flooring: Our glass floors and stairs are composed of three seperate layers of glass that are laminated together to form one panel of glass at least 1.25" thick. Each layer of glass is 3/8" thick clear or starphire glass that has been fully tempered.  Tempering the glass makes it 4 to 5 times as strong as non-tempered glass of the same thickness. Our tempered glass is manufactured in accordance with ASTM C1048 & ASTM C1036, Type 1.

Table Tops & Glass Shelving: Table tps and shelves are made to any shape or size. 1/8" to 1" thick glass is available. Clear, grey, bronze and many other colors are available. Glass edge display in showroon to help you pick the best edge for your needs..


Vinyl Windows: Vinyl windows are no maintenance (no rotting, cracking, peeling, or warping) and do not require staining, painting or caulking. Vinyl windows are solid welded construction so they remain square and cannot leak air or water at their corners or seams. Money saving vinyl insulates about 1,400 times better than aluminum and is comparible to wood at insulating. Vinyl windows offer convenience since many modern windows tilt in for easy cleaning. Today's vinyl windows should feature beveled exterior frames rather than the old fit faced boxy looking first generation vinyl windows.

Insulated Units: An insulated glass unit is made up of two or more layers of glass adhered together with spacer in between. When a seal fails or the glass is damaged, the sealed air between the layer escapes and moisture-laden air is drawn in. When this happens the window will look dirty or foggy regardless of cleaning methods. The foggy filmy surface is in between the panels of glass and not on the outer surfaces. In most cases replacing the glass is the easiest and most economical solution. 

Mirrored Walls & Sandblasting Glass

Mike's Glass provides mirrored walls for exercise areas, ballet areas and studios. Mirrored walls are also used in condos that are small in size to make the area feel larger. Other types of mirrors we install include custom beveled mirrors, Kentwood Framed mirrors (Made in Michigan), and vanity mirrors of any shape or size.

We are also trained in sandblasting your glass surfaces. For more informatin on sandblasting, visit our showroom to see our examples and let us know what you are looking for.

Commercial Storefronts

Our contracting departments are fully equipped to custom design, inspect and repair every type of store front to your specifications. Mike's Glass effeciently replaces or repairs your damaged doors and frames whether they are wood, steel or aluminum. 

Manufacturers used include Kawneer, Vistawall, U.S. Aluminum, Amarlite, Herculite, and Tubelite.

In the event of damage due to a car crash, inclement weather, or vandalism, Mike's Glass can help put your business back together with little hassle.